The Internet of Fitbits

The internet of things is ever growing and in recent years the Fitbit has become the new and exciting smart watch that tells you all of the information you want to know about your new healthy lifestyle. They record information such as your heart rate, steps, sleep patterns all in the name of health and fitness. However, as the internet of things grows, it calls into question the real necessity of all the products we feel we should be using. Let’s be real, we wouldn’t wear our Fitbit on a night out of drinking and record the stats onto your Fitbit with how many drinks you’ve had. So why do we fall for the false sense of living healthy when for the most part a lot of us are not very consistent.

Products such as Fitbits fall into a pretty niche market when considering those who would use it consistently. Therefore, what makes these devices so popular that we are all running out to buy one?1cq1h6.jpg


The Leak of iCloud

The predominance of hackers on the internet is present more so than ever as more and more people are in possession of smartphones and other smart devices. While hacking is usually associated with government organisations and huge enterprises in films, the reality is, anyone can be a victim. In recent years celebrities have been hit with their photos being leaked. The astonishing part is, it has been done through iCloud.

It’s the work of AnonIB that created a ring of hackers that would break into iCloud accounts and obtain these photographs. These photos were then leaked, creating a devastating affect on the victims.

The interconnected world of the internet is clearly demonstrated through these hacking incidents. It highlights that once its online, it can be accessed by those who are not authorized even through tech giants like Apple.

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The Ethics of Wikileaks

Since the launch of Wikileaks back in  2006, it has had a consistent dedication to releasing highly classified information surrounding governments and and major events that Wikileaks believes, should be public knowledge.

It is hard to determine the ethics behind Wikileaks simply due to the fact that basically all the information they obtain and publish has been done so illegally. This aside, the impact of the information released creates a huge dilemma especially surrounding the impact that it will have on the public and whether the release of this information will be against public interest and only cause panic and harm to communities.

Another dilemma surround the content published and the contextual basis of it. Wikileaks aims to provide the information that we are missing from our mainstream media, however, when information is taken out of context, the intent and situation surrounding information is also compromised, meaning there are still key elements we are missing.

It is difficult to determine whether the information released by Wikileaks directly benefits the wider global community at the end of the day. This article also delves into this issue with Wikileaks and the kind of information they release from the perspective of an Army Intelligence Officer in the US.OhBOYBR - Imgur.png

A Modern Day Revolution

A shift has occurred in the way that revolutions happen in our modern age of the internet and social media. These changes affect how revolutions occur and the rapid speed information reaches the world.

The coup that occurred in Turkey earlier this year is profound example that demonstrates how social media was used in a political event that has previously happened but not with the power of social media. As the events of the coup unfolded, videos were being streamed live through the use of Facebook live as well as Twitter. The events of the coup were broadcast before everyone’s demonstrating the rapid speed that social media enables us to have.

During these events the president was also contacted through FaceTime that was then broadcast on television in order mobilize the people of Turkey to take to the streets against the coup. The way technologies have progressed are shown through the way that revolutions play out. Social media not only has the power to schedule revolutions but also fuel them further as the events unfold.

This article discusses how social media enabled the coup further.5Y8WhbT - Imgur.png

The People have Spoken

Citizen journalism has become more prominent over the years through social media and especially in countries in which political tensions are high and mainstream media fueled with propaganda.

In Turkey, a citizen journalist website was established called 140journos that discuss the various political events and encourage the people to talk about what they were seeing and embrace the new mediums. This article discusses their movement further and how they came to be.

This example is one of many from around the world as citizen journalist sites are becoming more prominent especially in countries such as Iran, China, Bahrain. These are also people who could face arrest by being citizen journalist, however, this doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone, which goes to show how significant it has become to speak our minds.

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Apples and Androids

The battle of the operating systems has been going on for the better half of the past decade since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the subsequent release of the first Android phone in 2008. Both Apple and Google have very different philosophies in regards to the way their companies operate and the way their systems operate. While Apple has a closed ecosystem with their own products that are all produced internally and are not able to be altered, Google have created an operating system that has been released as a free software license that can be used by anyone. This widens its market greatly allowing companies such as Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorala create devices to use this operating system on. This system allows more ideas and development within this operating system allowing it to be improved upon constantly because of the ability to manipulate and control it.

In 2016, Android dominates the market with 85% of smartphones being on the Android system. This leaves very little room for any other operating system to come into the battle of the operating systems as Windows OS and Blackberry OS lose popularity making Android and iOS the most used. The huge difference between the number of users between Android and iOS calls to question whether Apple need to change their tactic or should we just accept there is probably never going to be one holy grail operating system used by all.

When it comes to technology we are all pretty devoted to one of the other, so, iOS or Android? (let’s be real, Android is better)Ft5rTD6 - Imgur.png

Control Surveillance Censorship

0x5FpjA - Imgur.png

This is what the internet has become as the phenomenon of the ‘walled garden’ becomes more prominent and interconnected through all the various platforms we use. Facebook is connected to your Instagram as well as your Spotify account which shows you ads based on what you’ve like on Facebook which then figures out your location to show you events that are happening near you which is all on your phone so you know, they’ve got your phone number too. Before you know it, everything has become interconnected and your entire life is on the internet and is no longer in your control.

This may make our lives slightly more convenient as the information relevant to us is shown however it removes an enormous part of the internet that could provide us with new information and broaden our knowledge and views that lie outside of this walled garden. This can be seen as Indians have begun to fight against the walled garden. The internet began as a place to share and access information freely and this notion is being compromised through the walled garden. What is the future of the internet? Will we have freedom of information or continue having curated content?