The final part of my design process was the composition of the text and graphic together. I experimented with the size of the graphic in comparison to the text and decided that the emphasis lies with the graphic itself as this is the shock component of the entire poster.

I have created the final design for my poster, and have reflected on my design process. I believe that my poster conveys the message about the issue. However, in future projects I wish the employ more design techniques and experiment further with my design.Design Thinking Poster FINAL TO PRINT


Select + Prototype

During this stage I have began creating my poster digitally through experimentation.
After the ideating phase I began selecting and prototyping my best idea and creating the components of the the poster.

Design Thinking Poster progress 1


This is the method I have chosen to demonstrate the statistics. I have used stick figure child like drawings in order to emphasise that this statistic is about children. I have also used the colour scheme of white, black and red in order to emphasize the red. I have crossed out the drawings with a red cross in order to symbolise that this is a negative issue and that it is wrong as well as to create a symbol for self harm.

I will continue to create more variations of this graphic to see the most effective design technique.


I began ideating through drawing sketches.
These ideas included –

Children’s drawings are quite prominent when researching children in detention centres and the portrayal of sad children in childish drawings is able to create a sense of sympathy.


I wanted to portray this issue through contrasting Australian children and children in detention centres in order to create a direct contrast between the two and show the positive and negative side more distinctly.IMAG1009

This idea uses statistics in order to create awareness through a graph-like image through the use of chilIMAG1010d drawings.IMAG1008







Another idea was to convey the message on the face of a childIMAG1006

Define + Research

Brief –
Create an A2/A3 poster addressing the issue of asylum seekers and shaping the approach Australians have on this issue.

Research –
Firstly I started my research by mind mapping the things I already knew about asylum seekers.

I then began researching about asylum seekers and factual information about the process and conditions they are detained in. Some websites I have found that contain facts and information about asylum seekers include:




These websites have extended my research into asylum seekers and the viewpoint I want to portray through my poster. My research has lead me to discover that the detention centres that asylum seekers are detained in create a negative effect on the the detainees and I want to portray this negative effect through my poster.

Critical Incident:

After my research I made the decision to change the focus from asylum seekers in general to children asylum seekers. This has shifted how I will move onto the ideate phase as my ideas will become more focused.