Week 13

This week I am continuing to work on my spreads which I have organised by having a country to a spread. I am using the subreddits of the country in which I posted, to help with the aesthetic of the country. As the aesthetic is dependent on reusing and remixing existing content, my imagery is coming from public online sources such as Tumblr, as well as using the images I took earlier of different ingredients to help with this process. This is an important aspect as internet culture is about the constant reiteration of content that is generated by its users and is put into a different contexts and modified to make it into something new. This is the process I am using through my spreads by changing already existing imagery to create something new within these spreads.

I have found that I cannot incorporate all the content I have due to the volume of it. This means that I am therefore pulling out the key parts that I have found interesting to use within the spreads. However I am making sure not to edit or change these response in any way to keep it authentic as possible.

Whilst I am still using a grid structure throughout my spreads, I am using these quite loosely to maintain a messy look. I have found that layering images is key when trying to achieve a busy layout and this is a method I am consistently using throughout all of my spreads.

The font I am using throughout this zine is Lucida Console. This font is one that has a more digital aesthetic while still being easy to read as a body text as well as for headings.


turkey spread.JPG

SA spread.JPG



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