The Internet of Fitbits

The internet of things is ever growing and in recent years the Fitbit has become the new and exciting smart watch that tells you all of the information you want to know about your new healthy lifestyle. They record information such as your heart rate, steps, sleep patterns all in the name of health and fitness. However, as the internet of things grows, it calls into question the real necessity of all the products we feel we should be using. Let’s be real, we wouldn’t wear our Fitbit on a night out of drinking and record the stats onto your Fitbit with how many drinks you’ve had. So why do we fall for the false sense of living healthy when for the most part a lot of us are not very consistent.

Products such as Fitbits fall into a pretty niche market when considering those who would use it consistently. Therefore, what makes these devices so popular that we are all running out to buy one?1cq1h6.jpg


One thought on “The Internet of Fitbits

  1. Massive lol to your meme. I think I agree with what you’re exploring in your post. The internet of things raises both interesting and unsettling questions about what it is we really need and what it is that we just want in this society were all of our wildest dreams are being realised. As we push boundary after boundary, as exemplified through the internet of things, we confuse ourself with what we need to live our lives on a basic level and we complicate it with copious amounts of technology.


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