The Leak of iCloud

The predominance of hackers on the internet is present more so than ever as more and more people are in possession of smartphones and other smart devices. While hacking is usually associated with government organisations and huge enterprises in films, the reality is, anyone can be a victim. In recent years celebrities have been hit with their photos being leaked. The astonishing part is, it has been done through iCloud.

It’s the work of AnonIB that created a ring of hackers that would break into iCloud accounts and obtain these photographs. These photos were then leaked, creating a devastating affect on the victims.

The interconnected world of the internet is clearly demonstrated through these hacking incidents. It highlights that once its online, it can be accessed by those who are not authorized even through tech giants like Apple.

uDXP50l - Imgur.png


One thought on “The Leak of iCloud

  1. A refreshing reminder that every day people are vulnerable to hacking and not just celebrities. I was not aware that it was the one group that had perpetrated these hacks. I agree with your point that as we become more and more connected we become more and more vulnerable. It is the price that we pay to use the internet.


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