This week’s interim presentation was a really critical one for me. After the feedback I received, I had the moment of realization that I needed to take a totally different direction to the one I had been aiming towards. Due to the vastly different content I’ve been receiving through my content generation, I have found that it is continually getting more and more obscure as conversations begin to branch out into different topics and debates appear among commenters. The internet culture is heavily prominent in my content and the visual styles I have been working with up until this point were not representing the content in the right way.
Instead of creating a magazine publication which was my original intention, I have decided to create a zine instead, making the entire aesthetic of the zine low tech and embracing the mess of the content I was receiving. After speaking with Jo and Travis, I decided to take more of a scrapbook aesthetic and began by doing a rough physical prototype of what this could look like.



The next step I wish to take is to create a digital version of this spread as this would be a more depth and layers to this visual style.

I have also been researching into zines and the different ways these can be made. This zine in particular is definitely one that has a similar visual style to what I would like to achieve.



Found at


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