The Ethics of Wikileaks

Since the launch of Wikileaks back in  2006, it has had a consistent dedication to releasing highly classified information surrounding governments and and major events that Wikileaks believes, should be public knowledge.

It is hard to determine the ethics behind Wikileaks simply due to the fact that basically all the information they obtain and publish has been done so illegally. This aside, the impact of the information released creates a huge dilemma especially surrounding the impact that it will have on the public and whether the release of this information will be against public interest and only cause panic and harm to communities.

Another dilemma surround the content published and the contextual basis of it. Wikileaks aims to provide the information that we are missing from our mainstream media, however, when information is taken out of context, the intent and situation surrounding information is also compromised, meaning there are still key elements we are missing.

It is difficult to determine whether the information released by Wikileaks directly benefits the wider global community at the end of the day. This article also delves into this issue with Wikileaks and the kind of information they release from the perspective of an Army Intelligence Officer in the US.OhBOYBR - Imgur.png


3 thoughts on “The Ethics of Wikileaks

  1. I like that you blog focusing on the ethics of the hacking and activism [not a lot of article that I came across focus on this topic]. I like that you considering about the public interest and you point of view. It would be great to know what do you think about government keeping secret from the public because for me it’s just make me panic. Even we don’t have Wikileaks, I believe that the truth cannot be long hidden. Thanks for sharing…


  2. Firstly, I love your meme. It’s hilarious. In regards to the content of your post I like how you’ve questioned the ethics of Wikileaks as i think it is a highly topical issue and a difficult question to answer. However, I question the thoughts regarding the benefit of the information as I don’t necessarily think that is the point. I don’t believe the leaks are supposed to be ‘beneficial’ as such but are supposed to inform the public. Hacking is about allowing information to be free and then allowing the public to decide how they feel/think about it. Therefore I believe the question of benefit is irrelevant.


  3. Hey,

    I enjoyed reading about how the repercussions of hacking impacts upon the wider community. When information is released or unveiled societies do impact credibly considering the context of the situation. The scandalous case of the Ashely Madison leak is a great example on how leaked information impacts upon an individual directly. (But to be fair this list of cheaters deserved to be hacked hehe )


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