A Modern Day Revolution

A shift has occurred in the way that revolutions happen in our modern age of the internet and social media. These changes affect how revolutions occur and the rapid speed information reaches the world.

The coup that occurred in Turkey earlier this year is profound example that demonstrates how social media was used in a political event that has previously happened but not with the power of social media. As the events of the coup unfolded, videos were being streamed live through the use of Facebook live as well as Twitter. The events of the coup were broadcast before everyone’s demonstrating the rapid speed that social media enables us to have.

During these events the president was also contacted through FaceTime that was then broadcast on television in order mobilize the people of Turkey to take to the streets against the coup. The way technologies have progressed are shown through the way that revolutions play out. Social media not only has the power to schedule revolutions but also fuel them further as the events unfold.

This article discusses how social media enabled the coup further.5Y8WhbT - Imgur.png


One thought on “A Modern Day Revolution

  1. About your meme, the Internet is down is fine but the Internet too slow [Australian slow] is not acceptable. Very well remediating and reflection on the weekly lecture. Easy to understand result from the use of common example such as Facebook live and twitter. It would be much more interesting to see more of you opinion on the topic. Great work…


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