The People have Spoken

Citizen journalism has become more prominent over the years through social media and especially in countries in which political tensions are high and mainstream media fueled with propaganda.

In Turkey, a citizen journalist website was established called 140journos that discuss the various political events and encourage the people to talk about what they were seeing and embrace the new mediums. This article discusses their movement further and how they came to be.

This example is one of many from around the world as citizen journalist sites are becoming more prominent especially in countries such as Iran, China, Bahrain. These are also people who could face arrest by being citizen journalist, however, this doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone, which goes to show how significant it has become to speak our minds.

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2 thoughts on “The People have Spoken

  1. Heyo,

    What impact do you think this has on the wider media as well as professional journalists- or those studying to get a degree.

    Throughout this, I would’ve liked to see more of the impacts it has and whether or not this was a change for the better.

    Personally, I think it’s a great thing! But also something we should be weary of. On one hand, we have access to first hand accounts but on the other hand a lot of citizen journalism comes from that persons point of view and can be filled with bias and mis-interpretation.

    This is a helpful link, as it explains the impacts of citizen journalism on traditional journalism!


  2. Hahaha, your meme is so good! Very clear structure and easy to read, straight to the point. I like how you using Turkey as an example with hyperlink to the example. I would like to see more of your opinion toward citizen journalism and more about geatwatching. This link is explaining about geatwatcher. Love your work… Thanks for sharing…


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