Apples and Androids

The battle of the operating systems has been going on for the better half of the past decade since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the subsequent release of the first Android phone in 2008. Both Apple and Google have very different philosophies in regards to the way their companies operate and the way their systems operate. While Apple has a closed ecosystem with their own products that are all produced internally and are not able to be altered, Google have created an operating system that has been released as a free software license that can be used by anyone. This widens its market greatly allowing companies such as Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorala create devices to use this operating system on. This system allows more ideas and development within this operating system allowing it to be improved upon constantly because of the ability to manipulate and control it.

In 2016, Android dominates the market with 85% of smartphones being on the Android system. This leaves very little room for any other operating system to come into the battle of the operating systems as Windows OS and Blackberry OS lose popularity making Android and iOS the most used. The huge difference between the number of users between Android and iOS calls to question whether Apple need to change their tactic or should we just accept there is probably never going to be one holy grail operating system used by all.

When it comes to technology we are all pretty devoted to one of the other, so, iOS or Android? (let’s be real, Android is better)Ft5rTD6 - Imgur.png


3 thoughts on “Apples and Androids

  1. I like how you have taken a more marketing approach to this weeks topic and it flows well into the technical issues that both parties have and maintain. I for one am a Apple user and find within the walled garden of its services I am most comfortable as I know how everything works and it is an easy and efficient platform for me to use. Here is an article I found that states that though Apple uses a closed platform is may not be as bad as you think
    Though both platforms have their own positives and negatives you are right there is not one operating system for all to use that uses both aspects of each device. However, is it really that bad to be in the walled garden?


  2. Very well remediating and reflective on the weekly topic and class discussion. I like that you talking about the different philosophies between Google and Apple and what it’s aims at. How you using fact ‘85% of smartphone market for Android’ even make you post much more interesting. What I would like to see more from your post is the personal experience toward the two operating system and analyzing from that. Love you work…


  3. there are always going to be people who are apple fans and those that are android fans and I don’t think it is even a question as to whether one operating system would take precedence for all.
    I don’t think apple would ever change their tactics because they rely greatly on that control.
    However, in saying that it is interesting to see the success of the android system and perhaps this is because of its operating system- interesting thoughts!


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