Control Surveillance Censorship

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This is what the internet has become as the phenomenon of the ‘walled garden’ becomes more prominent and interconnected through all the various platforms we use. Facebook is connected to your Instagram as well as your Spotify account which shows you ads based on what you’ve like on Facebook which then figures out your location to show you events that are happening near you which is all on your phone so you know, they’ve got your phone number too. Before you know it, everything has become interconnected and your entire life is on the internet and is no longer in your control.

This may make our lives slightly more convenient as the information relevant to us is shown however it removes an enormous part of the internet that could provide us with new information and broaden our knowledge and views that lie outside of this walled garden. This can be seen as Indians have begun to fight against the walled garden. The internet began as a place to share and access information freely and this notion is being compromised through the walled garden. What is the future of the internet? Will we have freedom of information or continue having curated content?


4 thoughts on “Control Surveillance Censorship

  1. Your meme really encapsulates and relates well to your argument. It’s crazy how the Internet basically follows your every move and creates content assuming that you’ll be interested. I enjoyed how you showed both the positive and negative effects of the walled garden. Great inclusion of the article- I found it a really interesting read.


  2. Your argument is well-written and straight to the point. It’s definitely convenient to have everything interconnected and having digital platforms provide information for you based on your ‘likes’ and searches. I think a lot of people get wrapped up in this and don’t seem to see the huge privacy issue or the fact that the content being received has been completely preselected. For the people who only use social media as their main source of information they will face future difficulties. Great meme as well!


  3. Great work, I like how you straight to the point, very well written and great remediating and reflecting on the weekly lecture. Your meme is very good and catch my eye to your blog. I also like how you use online platform such as; Instagram and Facebook as an example [very easy to relate and understand for everyone]. From you blog I would like to see some of your experience that may link to the topic [this would make you post even more interesting]. Love your work…


  4. Fantastic meme! Im a huge friends fan. Very Clear and informative. I not a spotify users so I didn’t no the advertisment tracking system worked on that too. And the fact that it can identify your geographic location is kind of scary though every bit accurate of the watchdog survellienace era which we are living in.


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