Aggregation in the World of Gaming

We are now able to access both blockbuster hits and niche independent media all in the one place. The movie you used to rent from Blockbuster is now a click away on Netflix. That video game you went to buy at JB Hi Fi is now ready to download on Steam.

Steam is a platform that provides users with the ability to buy and download video games as well as interactive features to communicate with other players. As of 2015 the site has over 125 million registered accounts demonstrating how vast its use has become. The value of this platform goes up as the number of users go up. This type of platform allows for constant updates and the addition of new games to be added regularly making way for a variety of different types of games to be distributed from one platform. This creates a shift in the way we view and value the games we play as well and begins to play into our attention economy where once the most popular games were played, a whole new market has opened to a huge audience of gamers.

This platform definitely has positive effects on the users and the accessibility of a variety of gaming options, however, what kind of implication does it have on the more traditional forms of the way we access and buy games? BokHHOd - Imgur.png


3 thoughts on “Aggregation in the World of Gaming

  1. Good blog post with some good facts, however I think if you are going to go with the blockbuster point of view I think you should mention that the video stores have slowly gone out of business. I know where I live there used to be multiple video stores available around the suburb and now there is only one left and they are slowly running out of business too. I think that it would benefit your blog post to find some facts about how the online access to videos are pushing the stores out of business or in fact if the business’s are now going online too. Good meme as well! well done.


  2. Good blog, I am one of the Steam users and yes the reason I got Steam because it is allow constant updates, have a large gaming community, and yes different type of games. But in some game I prefer discs, as a digital doesn’t allow selling or transferring the game to another user. This article about digital vs. discs games []


  3. I love Steam, it’s one of the reasons i’m able to afford to game and keep up with my friends!

    I think Steam is an amazing progression in the world of gaming, it allows immediate feedback for the developers as well as for people (like myself) who can’t afford a gaming console or the game itself to participate and become enjoy the gaming experience.

    I really enjoy how you summarised the topic and also related it to something really relevant. Good question at the end too!


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