Content Generation

I have begun to generate content through the platform of Reddit. I chose to gather content through Reddit as it is a large platform with a lot of active users. I began by finding subreddits of different countries around the world. These subreddits are forums that people are able to share information and ask question that are country specific which is ideal for this project. To keep the project consistent I am posting the same question to each page –

I’m a student in Australia creating a magazine about different food cultures around the world. I wanted to know what are the most common ingredients you use in your kitchen and where do you source these ingredients from?

The countries I have posted so far are Iceland, India, and Brazil. The responses have been mixed so far with the most successful being the Brazil post, which had 28 comments in total. The responses I received from Iceland were more so trolling comments which are not really helpful for this publication. The next step in this project is to start taking photographs to incorporate with the content to begin prototyping.




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