Hands On to Liquid Labour

Our perceptions towards the immaterial things have shifted through the rise of networks in a digital age. While this has changed the information we receive and how we receive it, it has also changed the way we live, work, and communicate. As a society we have begun to shift from industrial labour that was a predominant part of working life less than 100 years ago to a time of liquid labour in which we process information and base our work on the networks that have emerged over time.

Through the immateriallity of the work we are now beginning to create we are looking for a way for work to be a way of life. Mark Deuze explores this saying

“Work becomes a way of life, life increasingly displays all the characteristics of contemporary work, where we have to come to terms with the challenges and opportunities of contingent employment, precarious labour, and a structural sense of real or perceived job insecurity”

An array of new job opportunities have also come of this as online video makers and bloggers have become reputable careers. We have also shifted from people to machines creating a loss of jobs as well, such as the self serve checkouts at the supermarket which no longer need a human assistance.

While the effect of this rising network society creates a negative impact upon the industrial labours that were once so crucial. It has opened up a plethora of new job opportunities in a different market of information and technology.

GtSA7Fs - Imgur.png


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