Design Medium Justification

The medium of this project will be a magazine publication. A publication for this project is an ideal form as it is a more engaging medium that has the benefit of tangibility providing a different perspective than you would get online. As well as this, a publication places content that would only be online into a physical form that creates a different perspective to a different audience. A website will also be used to accompany the publication as it has the ability to be added to, to create an ongoing project that can be more interactive for the reader. These mediums will work together in order to create an ongoing experience for the reader and allow them to continue to explore the different food cultures around the world.

Market/ Target Audience

For anyone who enjoys food from cultures around the world to create awareness of the various ingredients used worldwide. This publication is also aimed at those who are not on online forums to transcend views from different groups of people from different age groups and cultures

The proposed outcome of this project is to create a completed magazine publication. This magazine will inspire new ideas surrounding food culture around the world and will inform readers in a visual and engaging way. The magazine will consist of ideas surrounding food from people in different countries giving an insight into the different way cultures engage with food and inspire the reader to gain a different perspective on these cultures



Designing the Editorial Experience by Sue Apefelbaum and Juliette Cezzar provides insight into the ways in which design, layout and typography are curated to create the optimum editorial experience for the reader. The visual Identity and the writing style determines the credibility of a work.  Maintaining an identity across platforms in order for a publication to be recognisable at first glance is a key element. Photography connects an audience in a way that typography alone cannot. A recurring theme though the photography creates structural integrity throughout the identity. Creating a grid that is consistently applied throughout the publication allows for the character of the publication to be clear and create a rhythmic guide to readers when interacting with the publication. Throughout this project I will apply these theoretical concepts to create a more dynamic and consistent publication.

theor book (2).JPGtheory book 2 (2).JPG

Soffa Magazine is a lifestyle magazine based in Prague. This magazine creates mini issues consisting of approximately 30 pages that are released as online issues. The use of photography as the main focus is a key element that I would like to implement throughout my project. Photographing the ingredients which are mentioned throughout the magazine is a crucial element as this creates a visual language in itself as well as enhancing the information and documentation. Photography within this project will also allow for contrast and comparison across different ingredients from different countries that demonstrates the differences in culture as well as potentially socio-economic and political differences.

soffa (2).JPG

Hieu Nguyen Design – Women’s Weekly Food Magazine Hieu Nguyen’s designs for Women’s Weekly Food Magazine demonstrate the ways in which typography and photography are used together to create a cohesive design. Nguyen layers the photograph and typography to incorporate both elements by having the ingredients in the photograph of the type. This is an element I would like to incorporate throughout my design with the ingredients represented in different cultures. This style creates a personality for the publication and incorporates all the elements in a cohesive way.

nguyen (2).JPG


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