Information Flow of Piracy



As we begin to extract information matter and delve further into a world of digital and virtual information we begin to experiment with how this information is used and how it is distributed. Free flow of information comes with the risk of piracy.

Information become easily accessible through the internet and the culture surrounding intellectual property. This is evident by the global scale of the networks that exist Castells says that “the network society expands on a global scale. This is the structural basis for globalisation. Networks know no boundaries”.

If there is always another copy of a movie or a song, the notion that someone is stealing is undermined. This demonstrates the effects of the way in which the extracting information from matter and taking it into a digital form has created different ways of not only communication but a shift in the way we view property and ideas.

As the technology and internet have progressed the ways in which we are able to download movies and music have expanded and made them more accessible. Distributed networks such as Torrents were an unprecedented form of communication, making this content virtually impossible to contain. We have also created new ways of dealing with these crimes.

Cyberspace has opened up a new world of communication but not without its problems. This begs the question – are distributed networks a positive or a negative form of information flow?


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