Our curiosity leads us to many places and leads us down different paths of exploration in order to satisfy this curiosity. Curiosity allows us to learn new things and opens up our minds to the different possibilities of the world we know and the parts we are yet to learn about.

For myself, curiosity led me down a path to learn more about North Korea. The minimal information we have about this country and these implications made me want to research about the conditions of society and the politics behind their way of thinking. Online research provided general detail, however, it did not provide a complete view of the country.

The most valuable source I found in order to fulfill my curiosity was an autobiography written by Yeonmi Park called In Order To Live. This was an eye opening book that showed the way in which the people of North Korea lived and the extent of their poor conditions. Park grew up in North Korea where she spent a lot of her childhood starving and without electricity. Education was  limited and love for the Great Leader was reiterated so intensely that the people live and work in order to serve their country and Great Leader. Harsh penalties would apply for the smallest of crimes. The North Korean people are told what to think and how to think it. Park escaped North Korea to China, and was trafficked in China on her journey to freedom.

My curiosity to learn about North Korea led me to learn about the large problem of North Koreans being trafficked in China. They are mistreated and fear being caught by North Korean authorities. The conditions in which they live were eye opening and shocking. It is difficult to comprehend these ideals and society today as democracy and freedom of speech are widespread throughout the western world, however, these ideals are foreign and incomprehensible to the people of North Korea.

Curiosity allowed me to further research into places and people that are vastly different from myself and understand how they live and survive. It has also led me to understand issue that I was previously unaware of. Curiosity is essential when learning about the world and how we see it.


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