This week we have completed the remainder of our webpages including the publications page, events page, artists page and the video page as well as showing these in their active states. We have refined and made sure all the pages are consistent.

Through this process we have also finalized the how the navigation system works and updated our information architecture. We have redesigned the navigation system on the website allowing it to be more accessible. A breadcrumb navigation system was most ideal as this website contains a lot of content. The original website also used a breadcrumb navigation system, however, due to the confusing visual element of the website this system was not implemented to its full potential. By creating a more concise navigation system, the user is able to determine their exact location on the website. This has been created by having the major areas in the header where the viewer sees them first when on the website. Drop down menus with subheadings under each category has been provided to view different sections under each heading while hovering over it.


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