Collaborative Redesign

This week we began our collaborative redesign. The creation of an identity provides a basis for the redesign of the header. This redesign has a similar look to the first with some changes in the colour palette and font. Open Sans font is used as it is a basic sans serif font that is easily read as well as using charcoal, white and the yellow used in the logo as the primary colours throughout the website. We removed the animation next to the portal to create a more clean and professional look.

The footer provides links to various sources and has a black and white version of the logo in the centre of these links. This again reiterates the website logo, without creating too much attention as it is in the footer. The colour yellow has been used for the dividing lines to create consistency with the header.

We decided to use images of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to create a visually dynamic website. These images, in the websites active state, periodically change to create a point of interest. This home page is simplified so the viewer is not overwhelmed and the navigation points and images are the main focus of this home page


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