As we complete our analysis of the website we have began to consider redesign solutions in order to create a more user friendly website. There are some key elements we want to implement into our website from the onset  as they are key areas that are missing from the current site. These include navigation and the home page.

This is my first redesign proposal which addresses these issues. I have changed the layout by creating a header. this header includes the name of the site in the top left hand corner as well as a search bar which is a crucial element the original site did not have. I have also spread the major headings across the top of the page so they are seen when the site is first accessed. I have sectioned off areas that were on the original home page to create order on the home page

I have also redesigned the staff page. I have put a scan column on the left with the other subheadings. The content column contains the body text and to the right is the portrait of the person.


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