Information Architecture

This week we began the analysis of our website. We started this by concentrating on the information architecture in order to gain an overall understanding of how the site worked and the content of the site.

This architecture proved difficult to put together as the website turned out to be a lot bigger than originally thought. We also decided to use a website that created flowcharts in order to create the information architecture as  we thought this would be the easiest way to piece together the information needed. However, this proved to be a bit of a problem as we had trouble opening the file again. We did recover the file and save the finished architecture.

As the website was so large we focused on three of the major headings when creating our flowchart. We chose to focus on the About section, Contact and Publications. A lot of sections had interlinking pages to other headings as well as multiple levels. This was slightly confusing when constructing the flowchart as we were unsure how spread out these levels would be.

Having completed our information architecture we are able to go on to analysing the way in which the website works and its features.


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