Finding a Website

This week we have started to look into websites our group can research and redesign. We found the website Center for Advanced Visual Studies through an article on a website that showed bad website designs. This website appeared to be a good one to research as it it does not have any hierarchy and is very unclear. This began our critical analysis of the website in order to determine how it worked and its flaws enabling us to create a design solution in order to create a more functional and visually appealing website.

Firstly, we researched into what the site was about and its purpose. The target audience for this website is students and teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to provide information about its Center for Advanced Visual Studies as well as being a resource and access point to information about the Institute.

This website is mainly text based with very few pictures. The design functionality of the website is unclear as its home page is overwhelmed with images and the links to further aspects of the website are not immediately seen.

We have decided to use this website for our analysis and redesign as it can be vastly improved.


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