The New Age of Social Media

In this new age of social media and the ability to be connected with everything that is happening in any given moment our perceptions of other people’s lives have changed drastically. You can’t deny the perks social media and the positive impact it can have as it hosts many charitable causes and allows communities to come together, however on the flip side social media can have a negative impact on those who are constantly seeing the so called ‘perfect’ images of celebrities and even the people around them. Social media warps perception of the realities of life and simply shows the best of times in people’s life. Obviously not many people are willing to share their bad days with the world, however being bombarded with these images can negatively impact many who begin to question their self worth and the life that they themselves are leading.

We could all probably agree when I say that Instagram is one of the biggest culprits out there in the world of social media when discussing the impact of social media. You don’t need to look too hard to see images of thin girls at the beach, people having fun at parties, healthy foods and all the good things in life that every person most likely strives to have.

An article by NY Magazine called The Six Major Anxieties of Social Media¬†discusses this concept in a similar way. It reveals the term FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out”, which essentially is the feeling you get going through your Instagram feed reinforcing the idea that there are so many better places you could be right now. This idea is constantly there because nowdays it is so easy just to pull out your phone and have access to all these images that reinforce the idea that “whatever you are doing right now, is probably not that great seeing as someone is enjoying the delights of Paris right now”.

The other side of the negative impact Instagram can have on a person is how many likes a photo has. Social media has become based around the concept that the more likes you have a photo, the more popular you are. Social media are constantly blaring the number of followers a user has and the number of likes a photo has and reinforces this idea. This impact also spirals into even more problems especially when it comes to young teens using these forms of social media are vulnerable to its negative impacts which can lead to negtive body images and furthermore eating disorders.

The world of social media is widely debated and its impact on how the world is today is undeniable. Although it is hard to deny the facts of the negative and postive effects of social medias such as Instagram, it raises the question of whether the positive outweighs the negative or whether the negative is too detrimental to its users?



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