Global Crisis Global News

Global crises are issues that affect everyone in the world and require a joint effort to solve. Issues such as climate change are being constantly debated  and require people throughout many countries to contribute in order to reduce the impact on the earth. However the information we receive about an issue such as climate change is carefully mediated and throughout media coverage. The discussion of climate change within Australia revolves heavily on politics and the cost and impact it will have on the Australian economy. The carbon tax caused a lot of political and economic uproar and the effects on economy tend to be prioritized. False balance, which is telling both sides of an issue can in fact be informational bias and this is evident through the issue of climate change. Some believe that the evidence that climate change exists is too strong to be giving information that create false balance. The issue needs to focus on finding a solution for climate change and reducing its effects. Small Island States are particularly prone to the effects of climate change and this is an issue that needs to be addressed.


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