Who Counts in Global Media

The news can be described in many different ways, may it be, current affairs, major events or information. Defining news can be troublesome and what is worthy of news coverage also comes into question when analysing it from both a local and global perspective. What audiences see on through news outlets are a product of journalist and media organisations having a selection of what is presented to the audience. This brings into question whether or not the news audiences receive are the truth or just a neatened version of the truth. Peter Lee-Wright say that news can not be constantly covered and that having it featured “largely reliant on big name correspondents being jetted in to give both star quality and weight to the piece”. The relevance of news relies on the local audience and their connection to a particular news piece. If an audience is affected by an event on a global scale, the coverage increases on this particular news item. Different news values such as negativity, elite references, composition and personalisation all affect the way news is portrayed. News is an important aspect of globalisation and presenting the events of the globe.


Lee-Wright P, 2011, ‘News Values: An Assessment of News Priorities Through a Comparative Analysis of Arab Spring Anniversary Coverage’, Jomec Journal, pp. 1-19



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