Television in Translation: Drama

When focusing on drama in translation there are both similarities and differences to translating in comedy. Sherlock Holmes has been adapted many times throughout both television and film. The reason for the continuous revisiting is due to the popularity of the subject matter that appeals to many audiences across the globe. The detective drama with a witty, smart protagonist is able to be translated and has been adapted in both the UK and the US. Detective stories tend to have an easy going hero or heroine, however the setting and general plotlines differ when comparing US and UK versions of detective dramas as they have different audience appeals. Elementary is the US adaption of Sherlock Holmes and while it is similar to Sherlock Holmes there are also differences in order to appeal to the American audience. The male and female duo is a key difference and creates a different perspective of the show and creates a sexual tension between the due adding a different level to the detective drama. Police procedural dramas are also popular but like the detective dramas are presented differently in order to suit audiences. Plausibility is key to this kind of television as it is this that draws audiences and allows these shows to be popular amongst cosmopolitan audiences. Translating drama across the globe is highly popular and in the world of evolving television, it is becoming increasingly popular.


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