Television and Media Capitals

The Clash of Civilisation is the differences between politics in different parts of the globe. This separates western and eastern cultures and creates a focus on boundaries between countries rather than focusing on the complex patterns of flow. Media Capitals are focusing on both the different and similar things throughout cultures and allows us to connect to the cultural spheres in a positive way. The idea of new media capitals through television are transcending barriers and going beyond the usual dominant forces within television. This allows places such as Bombay and Hong Kong to assert their presence further in the media industry as the barriers of culture goes down. The emergence of media capitals in Hong Kong broaden television for the city. The emergence relied heavily on creative arts and the emerging consumer society at the time with a rise in advertising as well, through the emergence of this media capital. However, neo orientalism is becoming more prominent and Indian TV is described to be over exaggerated and lacking balance within its content. This raises the question of whether the rise of media capitals are all positive. Media capitals are emerging within this globalising society and continue to emphasize the integration of society.


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