Define + Research

Brief –
Create an A2/A3 poster addressing the issue of asylum seekers and shaping the approach Australians have on this issue.

Research –
Firstly I started my research by mind mapping the things I already knew about asylum seekers.

I then began researching about asylum seekers and factual information about the process and conditions they are detained in. Some websites I have found that contain facts and information about asylum seekers include:

These websites have extended my research into asylum seekers and the viewpoint I want to portray through my poster. My research has lead me to discover that the detention centres that asylum seekers are detained in create a negative effect on the the detainees and I want to portray this negative effect through my poster.

Critical Incident:

After my research I made the decision to change the focus from asylum seekers in general to children asylum seekers. This has shifted how I will move onto the ideate phase as my ideas will become more focused.


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