Global Film: Towards Crossovers

The term crossover cinema is one to describe the cinema that is conceptualised amongst different cultures. It involves film makers and directors to incorporate multiple cultures and crossing over of these cultures within a single film in order to create a more diverse media through film. This idea can increase distribution and positive reception due to the hybrid content being produced which makes it culturally accessible to more people. The potential over cinema cross overs is great and through this the global culture is able to shift into a more culturally aware globe through this collaboration. This concept of cross over cinema can be seen through the crossover of western cultures and the Bollywood film industry. With the increasing popularity of Bollywood, crossing over with westernised culture increases its popularity and the cultural accessibility of Bollywood in western cultures. This idea of cross over cinema is an important one when considering globalisation and it is still a growing aspect of media and film throughout the world. However, the idea of cross over film does not mean to reduce the culture but to amalgamate the two cultures in a way that is accessible to all audiences and create more diversity in film.


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