Global Film Beyond Hollywood

The emergence of film industries throughout the globe goes beyond the well known Hollywood. Film industries such as Bollywood and Nollywood are become increasingly popular locally and globally.

Bollywood is the Indian film industry and has become a huge success not only in India and its surrounds but in the US, UK and other western countries. Contra flows are increasingly changing cultural influence on western countries as the demand increases. The dancing and singing that is recurrent in Bollywood films have become iconic to the Bollywood industry and has become a cultural symbol. Through globalisation and multinational the Bollywood film industry has evolved and the economic potential has grown. However with this growth, the westernisation of Bollywood films has also grown. Increasingly, Bollywood films have become more westernised in terms of attire, technology and traditions. The Nollywood industry is also a growing film industry originating in Nigeria. This industry, however, has a more focused aim at the Nigerian audience and the lower budget of films also reduces the audience to a local region. Nigerian films are not shown in cinemas however are directly copied onto video. Nollywood films are contextualised locally and this contrasts to the reception and growth of the Bollywood industry.


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