Internationalising Education

Internationalising education is growing throughout the world and especially Australia. International students in Australia are not recognised as much as should be when discussing education in Australia. International students are even more determined and motivated then local students due to the high prices they pay. Violence agains these students is high as racial differences can cause barriers between them and those living in Australia. Exploitation in housing and living are also an issue. Poor living standards in cheap rental apartments is common, however, due to the little knowledge known about this and the degradation of international students in society the issues is hardly raised.  Visa and migration as well as travel concession can also cause financial stress on those also paying university fees upfront. It is important to have a cosmopolitan society and become a citizen of the globe in order to address issues that are facing the community. There are ways to improve the experience of international students by creating support networks and a better sense of safety and security in the unfamiliar community around them.


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