Filling the Plaster Casts

After creating the casts we decided to fill them in order to create a mould and better present the features of our volunteers and enhance our presentation alongside the video.

We used Plaster of Paris to fill the casts and after watching numerous tutorials on how to do this we began.

This is what we used



We placed the cast in a large bucket with towels which encased it and stopped it from moving around and painted the inside with Vaseline so we could remove when it had set.


We then added one part water to four parts plaster to create a liquid mixture and poured this into the cast.


We tapped the entire bucket against a hard surface to bring up any bubbles that may be in there and then allowed it to set for 2 hours for safe measures.

Once it had set we ripped off the cast, sanded down the rough bits and ended up with face moulds!



Holly and I are happy with how they turned out and it was a really fun process! These moulds are going to hang above the video in our final presentation!


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