Second Volunteer

Today we repeated the same process we did with Jake on our second volunteer, Corinne. We filmed from the same angle as Jake and kept everything else the same in order to let their reactions be the only difference. We found that with both Jake and Corinne, listening to music helped them to relax, however as Holly and I spoke to Corinne she was frustrated by not being able to talk and indicated to us that she wanted paper and a pen to be able to write and talk to us which is something Jake didn’t do.

We found this very interesting that Corinne wanted to communicate and answer our questions while Jake preferred to continue listen to music in order to pass the time.


We want to show the similarities and differences between both people and now that we have all our footage we believe that we will be able to edit it in order to show our findings.

Holly and I will get together and go through the footage and create a video to depict this.


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