First Volunteer

Today we plastered and filmed our first volunteer, Jake. We filmed this process on camera from an ariel view as we thought this would give the best view to show process.

This was our set up


We made a bed for Jake and had him lie down with the camera set up on his face. we used studio lights to get better lighting as we had to work outside as it was a bit of a messy process.

After having done this on Zoe, Holly and I were more familiar with the process and worked together to cast Jake’s face. I began by cutting strips of plaster bandages as Holly put Vaseline of his face so the cast would come off with ease when it had hardened on his face.

This was our final result


We are happy with how it turned out and the footage we have turned out well. It is quite long so we will have to edit it down but that process will come after we repeat the process on our second volunteer.


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