The Casting Process

Today Holly and I began our casting process. We have watched many videos and read about casting and how it works. It is a bit of a slow process due to the fact we have to wait for the casts to dry. However, the first step involved using plaster bandages in order to create a mould of the face.

We took some photos of our first volunteer and began with the process!



First step was put Vaseline on her face to make sure that the cast came off and didn’t pull out any eyelashes or eyebrows.

We then had a tub of warm water at hand and using the plaster bandages we began layering them on her face and then allowed it to dry for twenty minutes before removing it from her face.



This was result:



Because the detail of the face is on the inside, we are going to do a cast of this cast in order to get it on the convex surface.

However that is for another day as we need this cast to dry first!

We are repeating this on our other two volunteers in the coming days but for now we are really happy with this result!


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