Collaboration Major Project

Moving into the collaborative project with experiments, Holly and I have decided to work together. We began discussing possible ideas and using our previous experiments as inspiration we looked further into the idea that to a degree, people define themselves by their possession and the physical materils they associate with themselves.

We looked into the theory that Adorno has called Aesthetic Theory and decided to use this idea he had to create an experiment.

The idea is that we have three people and have them take a personality test in order for them (and Holly and I) to get a true sense of their personality and have them pick from an array of materials the ones they believe best represent them in one way or another.

We wanted to build on this idea that materials represent us as humans and amalgimate them in an abstract way in order to see if we can physically represent them and whether their personality can be seen simply through materials of their choosing.

To do this we are going to take casts of their faces and put these materials on those casts. This will show if an audience is able to see ones personality as they wish to be seen simply through these materials and how accurately these materials reflect their personality.

We have plenty to learn through this project and step one is the casting process! We are excited to see where this idea takes us and hopefully get a few new ideas along the way!


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