Assessment 2B

This video shows the process I undertook while doing my experiment about liquid density and marbling art. I began by using just one colour of enamel oil paint and dropped it into a tray of water. This attempt was unsuccessful as the paint did not spread across the top of the water as desired due to the higher density of the paint and ran off the paper when transferred. I then used different enamel oil paint and added some thinner into the paint in order for it to be less dense therefore spread more easily across the water. This proved effective as this spread easily and allowed the other colours of paint that I used to move across the water. I used skewers to move the paint in the water and observed that the paint ripples with the water giving it a swirled effect. I repeated this process and transferred the paint onto three different papers. The mixture of matte and gloss enamel paint varied when dry on the different papers which is clear on the printing paper and art paper. The photographic paper reduced the visibility of the difference between the matte and gloss paints as the paper itself makes all the paint have a glossy effect.


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