Skype and Transmedia

Transmedia is the process of telling a story through different media outlets, described by Jenkins. This helps create diversity of a single intellectual idea to get it across to as wide an audience as possible. This concept is used to interest different audiences who may consume a transmedia product, but may not consume the original medium of the story.

Although Skype is not a transmedia technology in itself, it has the ability to promote transmedia although this is limited. An example of this includes “The Skype Show or see you in August” which is a transmedia musical that incorporates Skype in it. It is a musical that uses Skype within it to depict the story the actors are telling. It shows that the technology of Skype can transcend the distance between the actors within it in order to continue the performance.

Due to Skype’s service based technologies, it it difficult to place within the concept of transmedia. However transmedia is an important factor within convergence technologies and has created a new platform in the industries such as film, books, and gaming. With new technologies always emerging this further expands the concept of transmedia in order to get intellectual property to more audience around the world.



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Filmgate Interactive 2014, The Skype Show or see you in August, Filmgate Interactive, viewed 25 April 2014,



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