Produsage and Skype

Produsage refers to content that is created by users within different online environments. As blogs are a space for users to create personal content, online gaming is reliant on its users to help create and revise existing content. Produsage plays a major role in relation to Skype as it is primarily driven by its users.

Although content on Skype does not work in the same way as Youtube or Facebook, it is however the communication through the use of the software that makes produsage so predominant in its ability to work as a business. The users create content through video calls, phone calls and text chat in private as this is the service Skype provides for its users. In return, however, the creators of this service are able improve the speed of connection, quality and the versatility of the software to make it as easily accessed as possible for its users. Bruns discusses this concept of constantly reviewing content as “rapidly evolving revisions of existing content, released for public view and further update immediately upon revision, (Bruns, 2007 p.3). This concept applies to Skype as it is constantly revised to fix faults within its software that is spotted by its users to create a better communication outlet.

Produsage is an important concept in the new age of the internet. It is no longer what information it can provide us, but what we can provide to expand and improve upon the technologies that are present.



Bruns, Axel (2007) Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation, In Proceedings Creativity & Cognition 6, Washington, DC.


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