Skype and its Users

Skype’s main audience is not limited to a certain age group but has one of the broadest audiences. It’s audience includes those who use it for personal uses as well as for business and education purposes. These purposes however have only been created through the information collected by Skype about its audience and how they use this software.

Through business, Skype is used for conference calls amongst different companies for meetings and other business activities. It also allows them to lower costs within communication. While in schools it used to connect classrooms with other classrooms as well as connect teachers with students through a cyber learning experience as well as being able to virtually take field trips anywhere in the world. The increase of technology within a classroom has also contributed to the rise of Skype for this purpose. 

Skype relies on its users to build the domain for it as it revolves around them. It’s greatest issues are privacy of its users but its audience keeps building as its focuses expands to different aspects of social and economic areas of the global society and allows them all to be interconnected. As a business Skype is driven by its users and it is up to Skype to shape it around its users to be able to cater for the needs of a constantly changing society. accessed 4th April 2014 accessed 4th April 2014



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