Word Mind Map

Searching through the internet can get you to strange corners of the internet or you may end up round and round in circles. I know I sure do. As a fun experiment I decided I’d map my journey through the internet by keeping tabs on the sites I’d been on. See how many times I revisited the same sites. I decided to set this out as a word mind map and track sites for about an hour during my leisurely internet explorations. I wrote down one holistic site and then wrote down the next completely different website I went on.

I first wrote each site in a list as I came across it as a basic guide for the map I would create at the end of the site tracking.


After this list I began mapping each site in a tree diagram method to show the course of my searches.

This was my result:


While doing this experiment I noticed things became a bit messy because of the multiple tabs I had open. I decided to overcome this by using the tree diagram to separate the tabs and show the moment I opened one tab to the time I closed it. I also didn’t repeat a site but overlapped it with a different tab. This created an interesting result and showed different branches of different lengths.

I learnt from the experiment that, mapping is not restricted to geographical places or factual maps but can be created for recreational uses. The map I created made me rethink how much I circle around the internet (and maybe how I could put my time to better use). This was a really enjoyable map to create as it was also a personal representation of my internet explorations.


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