Topographic Mapping

Topographic mapping is a mapping technique commonly used throughout geographical maps on countries. They are used to show different elevation levels throughout a terrain such as mountains to show their height above sea level.  It can be used for recreational purposes as well as by the government for urban planning and mining. While I researched this technique the shapes created by this type of mapping seemed very interesting and abstract. I also found that most of the maps showing this were natural landscapes. Through my research I decided to put my understanding to the test and attempt this kind of mapping on an urban landscape, and what better place to test this than the industrial site of Cockatoo Island. While exploring the island I had the many ups and downs of it. The steep steps and steep slopes as well as the variety of different shaped buildings created diverse levels throughout the island. I decided to map this using the techniques of topographic mapping on an urban landscape.

I studied the map I was given on the island which gave me an overall look of the different levels on the island.


I also re-examined some of the images I took on the island to gain a better idea of this aspect.


This is my final result of Cockatoo Island from an aerial viewpoint showing the different elevations of the island itself and the buildings on it.


This experiment demonstrated that topographical mapping is not restricted to natural terrain to show factual information but also can create an abstract art work using an urban landscape.


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