Mapping through Memory

Having researched different mapping techniques and exploring them in class, mapping through memory striked me as a particularly interesting one. Having lived in the same area my entire life I decided to put my memory to the test and experiment with mapping purely through my experience to see how much detail I could remember.

I challenged myself to take note of 10 things that seemed interesting and pin point them at the end of my walk on a map.

This is the route I took



I then took the same walk once again and pin pointed the actual position of that object to determine how close my memory of that position was.



These were the pin points; the purple shows where I thought the point was and the blue shows where the point actually was. I decided to take this map to another level by removing the map from underneath and showing just the points.

This was my final product



This experiment was challenging but I discovered that mapping from memory is possible even if our memory can be distorted at times. Our experience within an environment changes depending on the individual which also affects their memory and perception of it. My memory of the walk varied from the truth and produced a map that is unique to me. I have learnt that mapping is a unique experience for each individual, especially when mapping through memory.


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