Maps and Mapping

Maps. Generally speaking, the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of maps is a map of a city, country, or continent. However as I started to research further into maps I discovered that maps don’t simply consist of showing a place around the globe. They can be created through many different mediums and for many different purposes.

Maps can be used to develop thought processes and ideas or to simply present the idea itself. Through searching the internet I have found many different interpretations of maps that have been created by thinking outside the box.


time-for-maps:Ethnographische Karte von Europa. Auf F.v. Stulpnagel’s geogr. Feichnung Zusammengestellt von Potsdam Im Marz 1845; im Stich vollendet November 1846, von Madel II in Weimar. Gotha, bei Justus Perthes. 1847. [3175 × 2591]


Historical map of Hainan, Chinathe_gnarts:Found this while reading WP, doesn’t appear to have been posted here before. I reduced the resolution and uploaded it to imgur so as to not kill some browsers and cause WP unnecessary traffic.Link to the description on CommonsDirect link to huge version (11719 × 23437)The article I was readingI have no idea what any of the labels say.


Maps can depict historical timelines and statistics. it is this creative thinking that make maps applicable to nearly everything around us. I hope to further my understanding in maps and be able to consider a wide range of different maps and mapping skills for my own mapping project and experiment with those I find through my research.



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